Aquaculture Shipbrokers

We provide some of the most competitive Chartering, Sale and Purchase, Newbuilding, and Analysis in the Aquaculture industry. 

As a shipbroker in the aquaculture industry, we understand that it takes a high level of expertise to successfully complete a charter. Servicing an industry transporting live products means we are always on-call and aim to provide the highest level of care both pre and post-fixture. We service all vessel types in the aquaculture industry including Wellboats, Mechanical Treatment Vessels, and Workboats.

As a shipbroker, we facilitate the charter and sale of vessels uniquely in the aquaculture industry. 


We facilitate the movement and hire of vessels in the aquaculture industry. Our relationships with owners ensure the best rates.

Sale & Purchase

Crux brokers second-hand aquaculture vessels including Wellboats, Workboats, and Delousing vessels.


Source a world-class shipyard to build or convert your vessel. We have a unique range of available vessel designs.



Wellboats are used for a variety of purposes. Mainly for fish and Smolt transport, sorting, grading, delousing, and fish welfare. The Wellboat market has been growing significantly.


Workboats are the workhorses of the aquaculture industry. Their scope of work is incredibly diverse and is the lifeblood of fish farming operations.

Mechanical Treatment Vessels

Mechanical Treatment Vessels are dedicated Thermolicer, Hydrolicer, Optilicer, FLS, and Skamik treatment vessels capable of delousing up to 300 MT per hour of fish.

Stun & Bleed Vessels

Harvest vessels are used for on-site harvesting or dead haul. On-site harvesting has become increasingly popular as it allows fish farmers to transport larger volumes of fish.

We provide a monthly report that covers shipping in the aquaculture industry. Where we dig deep into vessel rates and the general health of the market.